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To us, making cheese goes beyond the rennet and the cultures; it keeps the cows grazing in the pastures, the grasses growing, dairy farmers farming, the farmland intact and the knowledge from those rural communities alive for one more generation.


                                                        From Milk to Cheese

Our cow's milk comes from Double M Dairy Farm in Wirtz, Va.

Double M is a three generations dairy farm. The milk is beautifully rich and comes from a mix herd of Holsteins and Jerseys. The cows spend their days roaming green pastures when they are not in the parlor being milked.

Once a week farmer Thad delivers the milk right to our creamery. Gallons of rich, fresh milked milk goes from the truck straight to our cheese vat in our brand-new creamery right beside our farmhouse. The creamery is the building in which he transforms the sacred liquid into beautiful cheeses.

We make very small batches, from 8 to 10 wheels of cheese at a time every week.

We age our raw milk cheeses for at least 60 days at Piemonte Kitchen & Garden cheese cave. The whole process involves time and patience, stirring, cutting, shaping and once aging, hand washing and turning… those are ancient techniques where the word handmade takes a real meaning.

                                  What’s aging in the cheese cave?

While we are working towards the complexion of our creamery, look at what we usually have aging in our cheese cave. Cheeses will be available for purchase by Spring 2020.


Aged 60 + days

"Don Agustin" ~ Manchego Inspired Artisan Aged Cheese It is a semi firm cheese with a sweet nutty flavor, with some small air pockets and off-white color.

"Don Gabino" ~ Montasio Inspired Artisan Aged Cheese This is an Italian Alpine Cheese with a nutty and slightly fruity flavor

"Accidental Blue" ~ Rustic Italian Artisan Aged Cheese Accidental blue is a spicy blue cheese aged for more than 3 months. Has a creamy texture and is somehow piquant even when young.

“Barncheese” ~ Dutch Style cheese,

This cheese is very mild and has a delicious creamy texture on the center and a very delicate clean rind.

"Il Lavandeto" ~ The name: Italian for Lavender fields

Started on a base of our alpine Italian, made with milk infused in organically grown lavender buds. After 10 weeks of aging, the slightly floral notes give you a mildly sweet cheese. Hand rubbing the cheese with Guatemalan ground coffee beans, cocoa and extra virgin olive oil produces earthy and herbaceous flavors which appear while getting closer to the rind.

"Luna Bella" ~ Our Piemonte Kitchen & Garden Creation

Luna Bella is a creamy, slightly nutty cheese made with the flavors of Italian cheeses and the texture of Dutch cheeses in mind. We like to say that is the perfect marriage between our Barncheese and Parmesan.

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